Saturday, May 13, 2006

While I was in my undergraduation, I used to be very quick in my arithmetic. I used to do huge calculations and would be ready with answer while my classmates were still operating their gizmos. I rarely used calc in my exams.I boasted of this quality and claimed as my strength in my resume.

Now, unfortunately, time has come to remove this from my strengths to my weakness. In these 2 years, I haven't had the opportunity to use my calculating or mathematical skills. Now, to calculate monthly expenses for the room along with my roommates, either I have to search for a calc or have to come office, log on comp and use Microsoft Windows Cacl:-(.

But I learnt a lot in the job other than coding (which I hardly do). I became a DTP expert (do a lot of work with fonts in design doc for my proj). I excelled in excel - do all stuff. Got hold of shortcuts which make my friends in accounts feel jealous of.

So what! I am a s/w engineer, not a clerk or an accountant. I don't need arithmetic skills any more. No need for me to write any exams with puzzles and arithmetic. I need to know more about using excel for estimates and managements. I need to learn Powerpoint to make presentations. I need to sharpen my word skills to prepare better templates for my project docs.
And many more!

So, why people need to study so many subjects in Comp. Engg. if one has to work on docs and code?

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  1. nice thoughts, But some how I feel your thoughts are not that linked.

    Are you talking of daily laborers or the Industrialist laborers. I believe India is not soley based on daily laborers alone (atleast in Industrial world of India)

    However, I am not able to accept your thoughts in full!

    There can be a change of understanding between me and a copy of me itself.