Monday, October 22, 2007

Moral/Ethical values - Start thinking

CAUTION: Long read!

A majority of us in the company are youth. We boast to driven by values.

- When some unfortunate incident like bomb blast, fly-over collapse happens, we give our quality views on the corporate bulletin boards (A web portal where employees share their views).
- We speak about the declining moral values of politicians. We comment on raising corruption.
- We declare that the “System is like that. It is irreparable.”.
- We admire supposed- to-be patriotic and youth-inspiring movies like Yuva, Rang De Basanti, Lage Raho Munnabhai, etc. and tell that these things can happen only in Filmy world and we can’t do anything.
- When we don’t get an engineering seat or a local job, we push it on cheap-reservation politics or on a recommendation from local MLA.
- When we don’t get a filmy ticket (not multiplexes) for first day, we blame the big group in the theater laughing at us who have obviously got them in advance for being classmates of theater owner’s son.
- When we don’t get accommodation in Tirumala – we curse the people who have got it due to recommendation from an MP thanks to a distant (non-existing sometimes) relationship with his P.A.’s brother-in-law.
- When we have to stand in a long queue or in those jail cells for hours in Tirumala – we curse the people who got through VIP darshan and Special cellar darshan.
- When our bus gets jammed in traffic - we complain to our co-passengers on how negligent and rash today drivers are and why don’t they follow traffic rules being educated and civilized.
- When we drive the bike/car and nearly bumped into a group of pedestrians, we curse them for walking right in the middle of the road.
- When we are pedestrians and faced the same, we find fault in the road-rashers and not the authorities for not providing footpaths.

But, what do and why do I do?

- I don’t boast of as THE PERFECT following all legal rules, respecting all moral values with high ethical principles.
- I did, am doing and will do some of the above actions.
Am I ethical? The answer is No. Then why should I ask everyone to follow the law and the moral values.

Because –
- I try to follow them as much as I can (This ‘much’ is relative and may differ from person to person. And again, when I don’t, people call me opportunist).
- We live in a society. If we don’t have laws, rules and principles governing us – then the resultant will be utter chaos. Many Hollywood movies came on this theme.
- Even animal kingdoms have laws.
- If everyone thinks I cannot change the society alone and my wrong-doings will not affect the society – then it’s like "A cat closes her eyes and drinks milk thinking noone is watching her!" and the Milk story in Akbar-Birbal / Tenali Ramakrishna (Ramlinga for non-Telugus) and other folk stories.

Start thinking.

How many times you might have avoided causing inconvenience to others due to your urge to finish your things quickly or could have got the job finished in the straight path but had chosen the shortest but not the legally/morally/ethically correct pat again due to your urge to finish your things quickly.

You are answerable only to your conscience.

Now, why I write this?

A person put a Train ticket sale on a corporate Bulletin Board and these are some of the responses/view from today’s youth and a few of them are interesting and most I can’t digest.

Ultimately one has to answer to their inner voice. But also be prepared for adverse consequences. And when your luck runs out, don’t play the victim because you are not one.

Sanjay Dutt kept a gun and Salman Khan killed a deer. They never thought at that time it would come back to haunt them the way it has. Next time you break a law, think about the risk and if you think it’s worth it, it’s up to you.

I personally don’t see any issue in selling the ticket to anyone whom I know or a fellow mate. All those who talk about the moral and legal aspects neebds to understand the practical aspects as well.

Just ponder…

Have u not bribed the police when he came for ur house verification to issue a passport
Never ever given any cash to the Traffic police even though with most of the correct documents.
There are many instances like this…where you are forced to be practical follow this unwritten rules.
And I want to state my opinion that giving a ticket to colleague is OK but using Bulletin board for this purpose is bad because it is against the company policy.

Unfortunately, if you follow rules in most of the cases, you are like a stupid.
Go by the general practice. Don’t worry about the rules and sections. Very few officials know abt the rules and sections.
Tell me how often a TTC has verified your ID card while traveling on a train? I am not advocating anything against the law!. But If you are supposed to travel and bought a ticket, and you are not able to travel but your brother can travel instead of you. I don’t think you cancel your ticket and buy a waitlist ticket for your brother, do you?

Its not selling …. If somebody wants to help a colleague whats wrong in that ?
Its Festival time ..very difficult to get tickets ..and if someone has a spare ticket he/she can always offer it to the needy . And yes , one cannot donate a ticket he/she has to take the money from the needy person .
No ones explicitly selling tickets here ….. its just a help .

p.s.: I have to use “We” since most of the readers (not only Indians) can relate to this and if you don’t relate, just don’t think you are part of this “We”.

Monday, October 15, 2007


How would you describe someone who has risen up and become a manager?

The word boss has its origins in Dutch (from baas: master, foreman), but
there are several homonyms of the word. Is your boss a timid manager, or
a bungler, or ... ? Depending on how your boss runs the show, you apply
one of these alternative meanings:

1. boss : a calf or a cow. That's where Bossy, a familiar name for a cow,
comes from. (From English dialect borse/boss/buss: a six-months-old calf)

2. boss: a protuberance or swelling on the body of an animal or plant
This is where the word emboss comes from. (From Old French boce)

3. boss-eyed, adjective: cross-eyed or squint-eyed. (origin uncertain)

4. boss, verb: to bungle. (origin uncertain)

Why refer to your supervisor just as a plain old boss? On National Boss Day
(Oct 16), why not use a more colorful word from this week's selection?

archon (AHR-kon) noun

A high official or ruler.

[From Latin archon, from Greek arkhon (magistrate), from arkhein (to be
first, to rule). An archon was one of the nine principal magistrates in
ancient Athens.]

It is said that a rogue does not look you in the face, neither does an
honest man look at you as if he had his reputation to establish. I have
seen some who did not know when to turn aside their eyes in meeting yours.
A truly confident and magnanimous spirit is wiser than to contend for the
mastery in such encounters. -Henry David Thoreau, naturalist and author


Saturday, October 13, 2007

One mistake

One mistake in the end can ruin the effort a person has put in for years.
We have many examples from the past to prove this. But, people can't resist their temptations and greediness for that one extra thing.

The latest to prove is Inzamam-UL-Haq.

If he has not tempted for that silly shot -
1.He would have scored that extra 3 runs to put Miandad behind and become the highest test run getter for Pak.
2. The career average would not have slipped below 50
3. If he has stayed till end and saved the match, people will have remembered him for a long time than they may as of now.
4. If Pak loses this match, people will forget the number of matches he has won single-handedly for his country and the number of matches he has saved.