Saturday, October 13, 2007

One mistake

One mistake in the end can ruin the effort a person has put in for years.
We have many examples from the past to prove this. But, people can't resist their temptations and greediness for that one extra thing.

The latest to prove is Inzamam-UL-Haq.

If he has not tempted for that silly shot -
1.He would have scored that extra 3 runs to put Miandad behind and become the highest test run getter for Pak.
2. The career average would not have slipped below 50
3. If he has stayed till end and saved the match, people will have remembered him for a long time than they may as of now.
4. If Pak loses this match, people will forget the number of matches he has won single-handedly for his country and the number of matches he has saved.

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