Wednesday, March 21, 2007

You know, I think, I mean!

I think you know what I am going to tell. I mean, what I write here, you know, you already know it.

You know most of us has this habit of using one or more words/phrases repetitively, I mean sometimes frustrating the audience.

When I heard these kind of repetitive words, you know, from the people around, I thought these people are naive in their communication, I mean.
But you know, when I have started observing some good orators' and great leaders' speeches and interviews, as such, I am disappointed to find these words, you know:-( The list includes a CEO of an Indian software MNC, Chidambara, Rahul Dravid and ...

You should have understood by now, what I want to convey!

Some common words/phrases people (esp. statesman and managers) use frequently, almost in every sentence :
You know
I mean
I think
As such

I sympathise with the poor souls listening to these kinds of great communicators.


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  2. Hi Annaya,
    I agree with you that most of us use these words.But I don't think people who are naive in their communication use these words ,as you said good communicators also use these kind of words in their speech.But it is certainly frustating to listen these kind of words especially I think which shows lack of confidence of the speaker.

  3. Again some miscommunication - I would like you to read my blog again - It was my initial assumption that only naive communicators repeat such words and I mentioned that I changed my opinion.

    Please avoid -
    I don't think - Typical Telugu style of speaking ( thinking in Telugu and converting to English)
    I think - You will write only what you think, isn't it :-)

  4. Was this a disappointment? Do you wish to say that it is a bad sign of communcation?

  5. @Srivatsa:

    Definitely, it is a bad sign of communication. Disappointment was not to expect such words from good communicators.