Thursday, December 27, 2007

Work Culture

In a call with one of the clients yesterday night-

"What time was it now in India?"
I - "It's 7.45 PM"

"Oh Jesus! I'm extremely sorry to keep you late. Shall we wrap it up and continue it tomorrow?"
I - "No, it's fine. I have another meeting with XYZ following this."

I and my friends have been discussing the Work culture in India and other countries for the last few days - One of them was that in the West, they follow strict times and never turn up in weekends. And we waste so much time on lunch, coffee-breaks and snacks and finally show to the people how hard we work and how late we stay regularly.

The former is not true always as in the case of some of my colleagues. And the latter is not true always.

We have got used to this. But, something that should be looked at is the uneven distribution of work - Some slog for months forgetting sun and weekends (Is there a reverse process of tanning?) and some come at 10.30 and leave by 4/5.

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