Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Oil Carnage

Boston: For the last few days, the electronic and print media here got an opportunity on the eve of 5th Anniversary of Iraq ‘invasion’.
I was in engineering when it had dawned on some wise minds in the West to prick the fewer heads blocking their road to domination and damaging their claims to the lone Super Power. The whole world including few undergraduates from a remote town in India were discussing the matters. Though I was against the war, I never showed interest to join their debates. Because I know it was needless.
The media utilized the war more than even the thoughtful persons could think of and reaped huge profits (at the cost of some brave journalists).
But, after the coverage of 5th anniversary on the media, I wanted to voice something.

If one observes carefully, all anti-war campaigns here talk about 4000 American soldiers and cost in thousands of dollars and how it has affected the US economy. Sadly, not even one newspaper, channel or online article I covered talked about the lives of innocent Iraqis lost in this brutal effort.

And I believe this uproar would not have raised on this scale - if everything had went according to their original plans; if they had got hold on the oil wells which was their actual target and held their economy from crashing – now they have to visit other countries and offer them funds.

Secondly, the media should remember that it is the Fourth Estate that has a responsibility to provide the people with authentic unbiased information. That’s why I fear the new directions in India to lift/liberalize the foreign capital in media. We could already see the change in news coverage in Indian media, even with the limited 26% cap.

So, don’t blindly go with the media. Try to open your eyes to the world and read international media before believing or forming an opinion on a topic.
ఎప్పటికి ఆగును ఈ మారణహోమం?

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