Thursday, October 23, 2008

While more than enough has been written and read about Mohali mauling and the Team India is away on a Diwali holiday, let us see what is happening in other parts of sports world.

Anand, coming into the tournament from a bad form (his Elo rating plunged to 10 years lowest and he moved out of Top-3 in world rankings) is almost certain to retain his World Championship title, enjoying a comfortable lead of 4.5-1.5 over Kramnik, going into seventh game of twelve.

And this news is more interesting - Chance of doping and doping tests in Chess, I never thought about it! Testing 'seconds' is hilarious.

In some other part, in Madrid Masters, Federer lost to Andy Murray; of course, these days Federer loss is not a surprise news; at least not as big as Australia's. Australian cricket team would surely reach similar stage in quick time.

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