Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Friendly talk

I have been taking lunch alone these days and feeling alone in the canteen. The other day, while I was taking lunch alone, I was thinking – “ There were many people like me – just come, take food and leave. Why don’t they try to talk to the one sitting opposite or at least just say a friend ‘Hi!’”. Suddenly, a person came and queried whether the seat opposite was available. I nodded affirmative. Then he said a “hi” and introduced himself. We had a good conversation, though I was irritated one or two times for things too personal to be asked and to be disclosed to a stranger.

I have seen this trend commonly in IT people. If you see a train, bus, railway station or any common place, Indians have a common tendency to start a conversation with a complete stranger and make a friendly chat, make the boring waiting or traveling time tick on quickly. But, IT junta cannot come out so quickly.

I think there is nothing wrong in starting a friendly chat or at least give a smile to the person sitting opposite in food court, gym or any other place in the campus, of course, first checking the mood of the other person :)


  1. well well well!! What a change from the intro to the end. Why don't we just answer to question than just nod?? should the conversation be always started from the other end?? Should I check the mood of you to give a smile, say 'hello', wish good morning/good afternoon/good evening??

    IT Junta, why do we stereotype ourselves? Was it because I feel am different from others? Who triggers stereotypic actions? You or I?

  2. when you have food in your mouth, you can only nod :-)

    There is no stereotyping or generalization here - it's just an observation I felt is common across the people.