Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Journey of Life!

It's time to write a blog with the title of my journal!

Yesterday night, one of my T-mates left for onsite.

This weekend, one of my lunch-cum-T-mate will leave for onsite.

This made me count the number of people with whom I have shared or am sharing the project/trainee batch (=160, but not with all, I maintained relationship)/cubicle/tea-coffee/lunch/room(s) in all these 3 years in my professional life and it turned out to be greater than 100.

Most of them either left the country (temporary/permanent) / Hyderabad / Organization.

What if I count the hundreds of people I met during school/college/relatives/friends’ friends (I can’t recollect some of their faces also)

But with how many of them, have I been really in touch with? May be 10%.

Once, in a while, I do my bit to bring up that nostalgic feeling among any of those project/cubicle batches by starting a chain mail - generally forwarding one of those stupid chain mails we exchanged or a stupid forward or a simple "Hi!" mail.

The response - either a flurry of five or six mails in 1 or 2 days and the end of chain or there won’t be any replies at all:-( Of course, I have to accept the truth that I was, and will be on the other side a few times.

Life is like a Train Journey. People get into and out from the compartment. We may try to build a relationship with our co-passengers – most of the times, the relationship ends at the destination station – either ours or theirs! But, sometimes the relationship continues – who knows – we can meet again!

One generic reason for this – “No Time!” But, why don’t we have time to just click a “Send” on one of those mails (Of course, you can just type a “Hi” in addition to the default signature of “Regards, xxx”.

But, sometimes there would be some genuine reasons – and quite commonly, only in these cases, we take the non-responsiveness of the other person seriously and not surprisingly ends up in the break.


  1. Honestly, I think it's for the best that people grow apart.

    Out of sight, out of mind is too common, whatever the era may be.

    People grow apart in various ways, based on their changed environments, their new mind set may not seem in sync with your's, and the common things you used to talk about, may not seem interesting to one party. It's okay, and it's for the better if you take this seriously and result in a break, than keep a nagging one sided relationship.

    If your paths meet again, then hey you can always start from where you left, if both are interested to revive their friendship. It's natural and part of life I guess.

    Though sometimes, I really miss some of my friends I wanted to keep in touch with, but they're not interested in email/phone just 'coz I cant meet them in person like before.It sucks, but I accept it, 'coz sometimes we can be on their end too !

  2. Btw, the few friends who're in touch with me, no matter we moved miles apart, didn't see each other for years - those are the real friends you can connect with, no matter what ! Such happenings are rare though.

  3. I too was neither against the growing-up part nor was furious with the guys on other side. This was just a random musing feeling lonely - at that time some 5-6 colleagues left me in quick succession :-)

    On this note, please check posts (if not done already) I wrote on friendship that cover my thoughts on this separation part.