Friday, May 11, 2007

The Emotional Dilemma

The world is full of emotions. No person can be an exception to it. Generally, the state of being ‘emotional’ is considered only in negative contexts - when the person bursts into tears easily, when in deep sorrow, when highly or ill-tempered. On some rare occasions, a person who is extremely happy may also be termed as an in ‘high emotions’.

But, for me sadness and happiness don’t complete the set of emotions. An emotion is a feeling we express at a particular instant – it can be love, hatred, joy, pity, passion. It is something that comes naturally, may not be controllable.

Do we need to control our emotions?

The answer depends on the situation.

When I see –

- The never ending sagas on the bulletin boards/blogs/hate communities – North Indian vs. South Indian, Sachin vs Sourav vs Dravid vs Others, Localites vs Non-locals

- A car/bike rider honking on my back in a traffic jam showing his/her (even female riders do) restlessness (this is also an emotion) though he/she knows I can’t move mine even an inch ahead

- A father killing his son, a son killing his family,

- During Shaan’s concert in my company, girls, even oblivious of higher officials and other surroundings, became too emotional and tried to outwit one another to have just a hand touch with their demi-god and similar things,
I laugh myself.

Of course, I am not an exception to emotions -
I become tense when watching close cricket matches,
When somebody constantly nags me or irritates me with his/her behavior.

I don’t control my positive emotions and release them so that I can share them with my dear ones.

I like to control my negative emotions and emit them when I am alone. Sometimes, I share them with my dearest of dear if I think I am not transferring them.

If people can control their negative emotions, the world will be relived from at least half of its problems.

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  1. Getting tears etc. may have to be situational (depending upon the need of the particular context). If necessary we can even carry glycerine. We may take some voice modulation training.

    Sankhya Yoga 56 of Gita (Chapter 2)
    Characteristics of Man of Steady wisdom

    du:kheeshv anudvignamanaa: sukheeshu vigataspruha:
    viitaraagabhayakroodha: sthitadhiir munir uchyatee

    Krishna wants us to be stoics. Europeans want us to be artificially sympathetic. You are right. We should be natural, and sympathetic in mourning situations.