Monday, June 04, 2007

Helping Minds!

Where? General compartment in a Train (No need to describe)
When? Hot summer Saturday morning (around 45o C)



The train stopped at a station. Two rich-class young women got into the compartment (Since it is a day-train, all are general compartments except for a single AC bogie). One of them had a baby in her arms.
They looked around, crossed my coupe and moved to the next one. I intended to rise, but a generous young man in the next one stood up for them.
The journey resumed.

Scene 2:

The train reached next station. A family with two old persons got in. I offered mine and they shared it. A couple with 3 kids also boarded. They went to the next coupe. The husband asked the woman in the previous scene to adjust for the wife.
They were reluctant to move. Words were exchanged and finally, she got a half-seat. The husband kept two kids in her lap and the elder girl was offered some place by another person.

We moved on.

Scene 3:

Two persons in that coupe got down. The husband and wife occupied those 2 seats.
Again, two old men got in.

The couple as well as the rich women was not good enough to offer them some space.

What a quick change in the mindset of these people. Many people are eager to receive help, but become rigid when it comes to offer some.

Youth with enough vigor like us should look forward to offer seats to the old and the weak, even when they don't mind to pay back.

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