Wednesday, June 06, 2007

"You have change a lot!"

"You have changed a lot."
"You are not the same JBwe know / we were with in school/college."

I get these comments now and then – from my friends and relatives. Probably, most of us get these firings.

I feel that change is common to human and it is required. Unless we improve with the times, we adapt ourselves to the situations and environment, how can we move on (I don’t want to use “succeed” as success is a relative term and conveys different meanings depending on the various parameters).

I hate shoes – was reluctant to wear them in the school. Now, not only I wear them for 9 -15 hours a day, but have also started wearing casual shoes outside the office.

Loud pop music irritates me – learnt to bear it.

As long as I do not change myself in a negative way (read, in a way not acceptable to myself – am not bothered about others) and if the change brings a change to my life, I like to change.

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