Wednesday, June 17, 2009

"Adhi Naaku ivvara"

Recently, I have been teaching Telugu to my roommate and I found out this.
Some words can be interpreted in different ways based on the tone of the speaker.
Consider the following sentence. This can be interpreted in 3 different ways (may be more) -
"Adhi naaku ivvara!"

1. "Adhi naaku ivvara!" - Demand - "Hey! Give that to me" - Ex: A close friend/brother/sister demanding something - "Araye! Aa keys ivvara!". - This is a transformation of ivvu+ra.

2. "Adhi naaku ivvara?" - Question (especially out of concern) - "Hey, won't they give that to me?" - Ex: If something is being given to everyone around, but not to the person, he can ask, "won't they give that to me/us" - This is a negative question.

3."Adhi naaku ivvara!" - Request (with respect) - "Could you please give that to me?" - Alternative words are "Isthaarooo/ivvaroo/isthaara/ivvandi"
Note: The Telugu in the above instance is the usage Telugu of Guntur-Krishna that is commonly used in movies. People from other areas can and most of the times will use different sentences.

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