Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Jyoti Basu and Jyothi Basu

One of my favorite leaders, Jyoti Basu passed away. The news were more disappointing to me because I was his namesake, though I spell it with an "h" - I was named after him.

How can I forget those moments and barrage of questions whenever my name pops up - in schools, colleges and interviews - an easy and dependable ice-breaker. "Interesting name", "How did you get this name?", "Are you from Bengal?", "Are you communists?", etc.

With such short public memory, rarely I would get this chance going forward.

However Jyoti Basu was my favorite for better reasons than name - Ruling a state 24 years continuously in democratic setup was a great achievement, and that being done by a Communist added more to that (though there we`re some different views about the goondaism).

That 'historical blunder', anyone remember it - what would have happened if he became PM instead of Deve Gowda. Certainly better [if not for Jyoti Basu, for communist rule :-) ]

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