Thursday, March 04, 2010

Thirst for knowledge

I had written the below post in 2008 on my organization internal blogs, which I had been resisting to post on internet. Finally, I decided to post this, after getting ready to face any reaction from my father.

A majority section of mid twenties Indian IT junta feel this. They are under graduates who jump into a job almost directly from college campus. Then, they start feeling they should have studied more – prepare for CAT, GMAT and others.

Reason can be anything – money/career/growth – for some, it is knowledge.

But, most of them fail to make any progress – again due to many reasons/factors – The most common reply is lack of time.

I'm one of these.
I always liked to do a PG through correspondence even though my well-wishers advise me to take an MBA for better career. But, I haven’t taken a step – largely due to lack of time (Standard reply – but for me it’s valid to an extent – Why should I always be in projects where I have to slog at least 14 hours a day) and importantly due to the confusion regarding my onsite trip - I don’t want to stop in middle.

But, as a son of my father – I should not say this.

Why? You should read my father’s visiting card or name plate

Y.B.R, M.A(History), M.A.(English Lit.), L.L.B, B.Com, D.B.M, D.P.M.,D.I.M, A.D.I.M, C.A.I.I.B

Believe it or not! He is currently writing betterment examinations for his M.A.(English Lit.), unsatisfied with his results!

In addition to the above, he has a PGDCA, certificate in COBOL (got in 1987).
He is an expert in Foxpro programming and BankMaster (application still used in SBI and I believe in many nationalized banks).

He laid his hands on VB, HTML, javascript as well.

He didn’t leave Blogspace as well. He maintains around 20 blogs on Blogspot covering varied subjects like Ramayana, Mahabharata, Vivekananda, Indian Economics, India current affairs, US current affairs, Ayurveda etc. He has blogs on some other sites like, etc., but I don’t remember their names.

He has learnt flute (there are around 20 in my home now), sitar (still present), tabala, harmonium and to some extent violin (still present).

I am ashamed to tell this but, on more than one occasion – one can find me glued to TV watching some junk and my father studying in the first floor.

Then, how can I say I don’t have time! Yes, I don’t have. I have to go back and get ready for a client meeting.

But, I still have this dream – my kids should admire me more for a person I am than due to the natural liking for a relationship – just like I do at my father.

Ah! I forgot - For people wondering what some of the initials are -
L.L.B - Law
D.B.M - Diploma in Business Management
D.P.M.- Diploma in Personnel Management
D.I.M.- Diploma in Management
A.D.I.M. - Advanced Diploma in Management
C.A.I.I.B. - Certificate in Accounting and I(don't know) Instituional Banking.

p.s.: My father's blog profile

p.s. 2: He was not a graduate when he started his first job.

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