Friday, May 14, 2010

S.Janaki for Rahmaan tunes

Last week, on Ms.S.Janaki's 73rd birthday, a lot of Telugu TV channels telecasted special programs. Though, I was happy that the channels remembered the event, the heartening thing was that almost all programs defined her highlights of career as from MLA(1975) movie to Kshatriya Putrudu(Devar Magan, 1992). How could they forget the exhilerating combination of S.Janaki - A.R.Rahman. Anyway, it is too much to expect from TV channels.

So, I thought to introduce/remind those golden songs in this post. Rahman is my second favorite music director after Ilayaraja. Though she had sung very few songs for Rahman, each one of them is a gem, equivalent to her old hits. Although I listened to versions by other singers like Lata Mangeshkar and Chitra in Hindi/Tamil for some of these songs, they couldn't mesmerize me like Janaki's voice (though my intention is not to compare the legends).

Given below are the Janaki's hits for Rahman's compositions -

1. Sakhi (Alai Paayuthe/Saathiyaa) : September maasam -

Asha Bhonsle sang the Tamil version.

(Links are for Telugu versions unless specified otherwise)

2. Oke okkadu (Mudalvaan/Naayak) : magadheera magadheeraa-

Sankar Mahadeavan couldn't match her.

3. Jodi (Prasanth-Simran Tamil movie): Kadile kaalame jeevitam

4.Uyire (Tamil) (DilSe - Hindi): nenjanile

Hindi version, Jiya jale (DilSe) was by Lata and Telugu version, "Innallilaa" (Prematho) was by Chitra. But, I like the Tamil version

5. Premikudu (Kaadalan- Humse hein muqabla): Erraani kurradanni gopaalaa -

She sang Tamil and Hindi versions too

6. Gentleman (Gentleman- THE GENTLEMAN) : Kontedanni kattuko

7. Palnati pourusham - Bandenaka bandi katti

Vandemataram Srinivas lent the male voice

8.Super Police - Pakka gentlemanni

9. Rangeelaa (Tamil) taniyea taniyea -

Tanhaa tanhaa by Asha Bhonsle in Hindi

10.Sangamam (Tamil): Maargazhi tingal allava -

This is my pick of this list

11. Alli arjunaa(Tamil): Endan nenjil -

12. Udaya (Tamil): Anjanam -

I heard three languages (Telugu/Kannada/Tamil) in this song

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