Sunday, November 21, 2010

Andhra Pesarattu + Bru Coffee

What a way to start a Saturday morning from Boston - Pesarattu (Moongphal Dosa) with allam-ulli-pacchimirchi (ginger-onion-green chilli) topping + Allam pacchadi (Ginger pickle) + Bru Coffee


  1. Suggestions:
    Please write the mode of preparation i.e. recipe part. You can add some additional nomenclature like muud`u mukkala att`u and upma pesaratt`u.

    Upma pesaratt`u is made by adding upma, at the roasting stage. The result will be a combination of the tastes of the upma and the pesaratt`u.

    You can also add that these two are the peculiar geographical preparations of Andhra Pradesh and the Telugu People.

  2. YB Sir,
    Your interests are multi flarious ? Hats off to you !

    JB Sir,
    I'm just another blog reader, but I have been a fan of your commenting style since a long time.Like your style of analysis and your way of presenting it.Crisp,polite and honest.

    Inthaki ivi home preparations aa, leka enchakka hotel vaa ? :-)

  3. @RNP: Thanks for the compliments. These are made by me. I didn't mention here, but I did in my Telugu version.

    @YB: Thanks for the suggestions. Didn't show much interest in sharing those details as there are recipe sites dedicated to those. Thank you.