Monday, November 01, 2010

The best Enginnering Wonder - Howrah Bridge

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It was third month of my first year engineering. English Professor came to the class with the corrected answer sheets for the 2nd Internal.

Everyone would be anxious, but one guy was more than anyone.

A small flashback in this flashback -
The 1st internal was an exercise of 40 'Correction of sentences' (The university hadn't had released the textbooks by then.) and he was the topper with 19.5/20. Only 3 others passed, but managed only 13 or 14. Unfortunately he was off on the day the results were announced. A guy who was unknown to 90% of the class even after 1st internal, suddenly became popular in all branches – Only ten persons passed in the whole college and his answer sheet was displayed in all classrooms advising them to follow him.

Coming back to this day –
The Professor started giving marks and papers. Like many other language professors, he was also quoting some great write ups, some wild imaginations and some unthinkable blunders only Engineering students could do (Of course, each branch has its style). Everyone was laughing and this guy too.

After waiting for a long time, only his paper was left. He was tense. Not only he, but many others since he was the topper in that subject last time.

A part of the exam was to write an essay on ‘The best Engineering Wonder you have seen’. Everyone was eager to know what he had written.

The Professor picked it up and started-

"This guy topped in the first cycle. I was happy that there was at least one capable guy in this college. Now look, what this guy wrote.

He chose ‘The Howrah Bridge’ and wrote 6 pages on it! Can you people imagine it?
Turning to that guy, 'You had written very well. You explained everything in detail. The article was good and well-organized. But, as a Computer Science Engineering student, I expected people to write about Computers and not Howrah Bridges or Ganapavaram bridge(Our college was beside a riverlet on NH5 with a bridge starting almost from the gate). At least, you can write on robots or some How in the world that you got this idea? Actually, you proved that you were an Engineering student.'"

The guy stood up like that. He couldn’t understand initially whether the Professor was praising him or making fun of him. The last sentence got him the answer.

You can understand the situation in the class and the teasing he got for the next few days.

p.s.: The guy was no other than JB, that is, I.

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