Sunday, July 13, 2008

Impressions and Opinions

People frame opinions on others based on their actions, some incidents and mutual interactions. Sometimes, the opinions are made based on what they hear from a third person or external source. This is a general human tendency and there is nothing wrong in that.

I too do it. My ease of dealing with a certain person depends on the opinion I have about him/her. These opinions have a say in deciding my interests, relationships, friendships and interactions.

But, the problem arises if the opinion is framed on perceptions, preconceived notions and incomplete or insufficient information. The opinions should be flexible; it may turn out that we might know a positive aspect of a person on whom we have fixed a negative opinion due to the happenings of the first interaction.

Unfortunately, some people are reluctant to revisit their opinions. The reasons are many – one can be stubborn, adamant or feel it lowly to accept their foolishness or incorrectness. Why don’t they at least try to rethink their opinion on the person and give a second chance.

This applies not only to persons, but also to many things in life, life food. One hates coffee without tasting at least once (Some of my well-wishers try to apply the same argument to make me taste alcohol).


Saying this, it is very important for one to let people make a strong and positive first opinion on him/her. This is referred as impression widely in Telugu people. It may be the same case with other Indians, if not elsewhere.

One needs to impress the other on the first go. For many, the first impression should be the best impression – that generally dictates and affects the upcoming events.

All these musings are because I am one of those who give you a not good opinion on first meeting. I need time to understand and start like people or an environment and similarly, it takes time for someone to understand and like me or my actions.

So, I never believe in the first impression philosophy. I try to have a second or third opinion before judging someone/something. And I don’t think to change my opinions if I get some additional information that can affect my thought process.


  1. yes sir
    we cant predict the job opportunity
    if he has CSIR-NET/GATE/ICMR/ICAR/DBT-BET then the chances are good....

  2. How True.A guy once told me,I know who is who just talking to them once ! I thought he was hilarious.You learn almost nothing from first impressions or meetings.

    >>And I don’t think to change my opinions

    think to - somehow the grammar is not right here. to does not follow a verb like think . I cant tell you the grammar nitty-gritty's but I'm confident that's not a well built sentence.
    It sounds like trying to convert a telugu sentence to english.

    I don't think twice to change my opinions


    I wouldn't mind changing my opinions

  3. think to do is grammatically correct idiom. In fact, "think twice to" is not a valid usage, though might be in use by public.

    You might be right on MTI (mother tongue influence), though would have crept out unconsciously as I never try to do a think in Telugu - write in English.

    "I wouldn't mind..." is the right phrase, I agree.

    Thanks for the feedback.