Thursday, July 31, 2008

Yet another underrated/ignored achievement

As the hype around Sachin's possible chance to break Lara's highest test aggregate record continues, Dravid has calmly (I have not been following TV coverage of cricket; so I don't know whether this was mentioned in the first Test vs Sri Lanka. At least, this was ignored in papers, blogs and even the popular CricInfo) equalled Gavaskar's total of 10,122, taking 2 lesser tests.

I wish people recognize it at least when he crosses the mark. It is a notable achievement considering that Gavaskar's total was once the highest.


  1. Usually most of RDs performance goes unnoticed...i have seen it many times. BTW can u enable OpenId login for commenting?

  2. Thanks Thejesh. I received lot of spam and that prompted me to disallow anonymous comments.

  3. Hey JB,

    I completely agree with you.

    One broken link- the link to cricinfo is wrong.

  4. Thanks Veetrag - for the error in link and for visiting the blog