Tuesday, July 08, 2008

No one is invincible

Realization from Nadal's Wimbledon 08 victory -

Federer’s loss : No one is invincible.
Nadal’s victory: Perseverance pays.

p.s.: I am a Nadal's fan (though I like Federer too).


  1. you are a Nadal's fan... you see No one to be invincible!!!

    For federer's fan's they know to fight and fight with belief and determination until the invincible turns around and gives way... Still Perseverance Pays of... Only if one know to keep it on and going...

  2. I am a Nadal fan too..it felt so great to final look face to face with my friends who are all Fedex fans..;-D

  3. @leela: Like on many such occasions, I could not understand your comment :-(

    @mathew: Thanks. Yes, it was good to go with head high :)

  4. There is an element of luck also in the form of line-calls, fav. wind at a crucial movement, the trajectory at which the ball moves etc.